Happy Birthday U-Watt – Today We Are Three

Happy Birthday U-Watt -Three Years Old Today
It is exactly three years ago today that U-WATT in its current line-up was formed.
Happy Birthday to U-Watt

Last night U-WATT celebrated our birthday in style – we performed at The Brickmakers in Norwich. Admittedly there weren’t a great many people there to usher in the spring on the winter solstice; there were no ivy-festooned maidens, sadly, nor huggers of trees, but there was a small appreciative audience and several dogs. Thursday nights aren’t the best nights to perform; most people have to work the next day and as it was late-night shopping in the city I guess the lure of a few last minute Christmas bargains was too much for most to resist and hard choices had to be made.

The Fateful Meeting

Anyhow, three years ago last night Mal, Fizz, Alix and Phil met in Norwich and planned what we were going to learn to play as U-Watt.  As you might imagine, there was some lively and occasionally heated debate in the pub about what sort of material we would play. We came together after a number of line-up changes, when the remaining core of Mal and Phil auditioned lots of singers and bassists until we settled on Alix and Fizz. Alix blew us away with her fabulous voice and presence and Fizz walked in, plugged in and began to jam along with us to a song that we hadn’t even asked him to learn for the audition!
There have been good times and bad, but thanks to the friendships we have forged, the good times far outweigh the bad; we really enjoy playing and performing together and bringing our own style of music to our small but loyal following of fans. We’d like to wish you all a fantastic festive season and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. We hope to see you again in 2018. Luvnpeace U-WATT.

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