Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt

Carlfest 2018
U-Watt rockin’ CARLFEST 25.08.18

Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt?

Well in truth, not quite. U-Watt Mark IV has recently welcomed Shaun Wymer to the fold as our new bass guitarist and vocalist. Shaun formerly fronted the tribute band Stone Cold Queen, so in a way Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt.

Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt
U-Watt mark IV line-up as of June 2018 Shaun Wymer bass/vocals, Alixandrea Corvyn lead vocals, Phil Bury Mc Murdock drums/vocals, Malcolm Birtwell guitars

Shaun Wymer

We are very glad that Shaun has become the newest member of our band making this the fourth incarnation of our band. This means we are now U-Watt Mark IV. As you might imagine Shaun is a strong vocalist having fronted the tribute band Stone Cold Queen. Having said that he’s a very talented bass player too. We’re delighted that Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt, in fact. In addition Shaun has brought new ideas to the U-Watt musical pot. This means we are already learning new material and furthermore hoping to expand our repertoire of original material as Shaun is also a songwriter.

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