U-Watt play Power Rock!

U-Watt play Power Rock! in the cosy welcoming Sailors Home Pub Kessingland on a cold wet night on the blustery Suffolk coast
U-Watt play Power Rock!

U-Watt play Power Rock!

The Sailors Home, Kessingland

Last night our friends at The Sailors Home, Kessingland had a band cancel at short notice. As a result Paul, the landlord, asked us to step in at short notice. We love to play at The Sailors Home; it’s a great friendly, welcoming pub. We always get well looked after by Paul and Emma and their team. Moreover, we generally get a great reception. It’s very close to the sea and quite literally at the end of the road, out in the wilds of the Suffolk coast. Mal gets a steady supply of mugs of tea so he’s happy as a pig in the proverbial.

The Great Trek

I live in Cromer so it’s a fair old drive to Kessingland. On the last occasion I drove via Norwich and so set out to take the same route again as it seemed to be a good road. It was a wild, wet and windy night so I was expecting possible delays. Indeed, delays there were. Most people were driving fairly slowly due to the conditions, but eventually everything ground to  a halt as I encountered an accident on the A146. After some time we got going again but this meant I didn’t get to start setting up until 20.25. This gave me just over 30 minutes to set up and get ready to play guitar with U-Watt. As ever there was tea on tap to welcome me from Emma, so I was happy despite the awful journey.

The Gig

There were a fair few familiar local faces in the crowd and also some friends from our Mariners Tavern days who’d made the trip especially. There were possibly fewer than we’d hoped but those that were there were enthusiastic; singing and dancing and clearly having a good time. At the end of the gig several people came up and showed their appreciation which always makes playing that much more rewarding. One chap came up and asked me about my 7-string baritone guitar, told me his name was Patrick and said he’d like to write a review of us. Lo and behold U-Watt play Power Rock!

U-Watt play Power Rock!

Here is Patrick’s review of last night’s gig.

“I like U-Watt. I’ve seen them a couple of times before, so I wandered over to the Sailor’s Home to catch them play again tonight. I find them to be an impressive and very tight outfit. A four piece, but only one guitar, bass and drums, which gives that stripped down efficiency of a three piece band that I’ve talked about in previous posts. A singer up front (a line-up à la The Who).

But what a singer! My, but she has a set of lungs on her does Alix. Her range and power is extraordinary. Shaun (new bass player) played in John Entwistle (The Who) style – to my ears, Phil a flat out ‘V8 engine’ on drums and Mal on guitar, blistering leads and hard-edged rhythm playing (working from left to right across the stage) provide a rock solid setting for Alix’s vocals, so overall you get a formidable powerhouse of music.

I find it slightly difficult to categorise their output; it’s so varied, but they add power to all the numbers they do. When I first saw them I felt they were quite grungy, but they spread their net much wider in terms of their material. They’re not metal though. I suppose ‘power rock’ would be the best description. The output wattage in U-Watt is very high.

Some of their material I’m not very familiar with, but all of it hammers home with great authority. It ranges from (a random selection) ‘Under Pressure’, ‘It’s My life’ via ‘Let Me Entertain You’ to ‘Live And Let Die’. Blondie, a couple of Kaiser Chief numbers (the ‘Monster’ one and ‘I Predict a Riot’), White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’, Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’, ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go?’ – I’ve left loads out, but you get the idea. Quite a range, all delivered with energy and conviction.

On the instrumental front, there were some extra strings tonight: a five string bass, and, for some of the time, Mal played a seven string guitar (an extra B on the bottom end). Not seen one before.

It wasn’t a full house, but those of us who were there were enthusiastic in our appreciation. They played until midnight, so there was much to enjoy. Highly recommended.”

What more can I say? Thank you very much Patrick.

Mal 07.10.18

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Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt

Carlfest 2018
U-Watt rockin’ CARLFEST 25.08.18

Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt?

Well in truth, not quite. U-Watt Mark IV has recently welcomed Shaun Wymer to the fold as our new bass guitarist and vocalist. Shaun formerly fronted the tribute band Stone Cold Queen, so in a way Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt.

Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt
U-Watt mark IV line-up as of June 2018 Shaun Wymer bass/vocals, Alixandrea Corvyn lead vocals, Phil Bury Mc Murdock drums/vocals, Malcolm Birtwell guitars

Shaun Wymer

We are very glad that Shaun has become the newest member of our band making this the fourth incarnation of our band. This means we are now U-Watt Mark IV. As you might imagine Shaun is a strong vocalist having fronted the tribute band Stone Cold Queen. Having said that he’s a very talented bass player too. We’re delighted that Freddie Mercury has joined U-Watt, in fact. In addition Shaun has brought new ideas to the U-Watt musical pot. This means we are already learning new material and furthermore hoping to expand our repertoire of original material as Shaun is also a songwriter.

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U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire
Malcy’s new electro-acoustic for unplugged gigs an Ibanez Talman.

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire. This will be atThe Mariners Tavern Great Yarmouth on 16.02.18. First of all U-WATT have been rehearsing hard to enable us to play completely acoustic gigs. Furthermore we will be playing our new unplugged sets at The Mariners 16.02.18. Nonetheless this does not mean we don’t play rock songs any more, it just means we play them a little more quietly.  As a result Malcy even went out and bought a new electro-acoustic guitar to play unplugged. This new guitar is the pictured Ibanez Talman.

Why have we gone acoustic?

It’s getting increasingly hard to find gigs because more and more venues are closing. Lots of pubs, bars and clubs want live music but not full on, loud, raucous rock n roll. Because U-Watt like to play it loud so we decided to diversify a little. As a result we still play many of the songs that our audiences love. The difference is that we play them acoustically, so no ear defenders required.

Increased repertoire

Not all rock songs lend themselves very easily to being acoustic. Consequently we have been learning new songs especially for unplugged gigs. In addition to building an increased repertoire we hope this will maintain the interest of our regular fans. Maybe, we hope, this might lead to more event type gigs, such as parties, weddings and other celebrations. If you’d like to book us for such an event contact us here.

The Mariners Tavern

In conclusion we hope to see lots of our followers at our gig this coming Friday. We have played a lot of loud music there before and the new management would rather we played acoustically. This is our first ever fully acoustic gig so please come along and support us.

Mal Content 13.02.18

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Happy Birthday U-Watt – Today We Are Three

Happy Birthday U-Watt -Three Years Old Today
It is exactly three years ago today that U-WATT in its current line-up was formed.
Happy Birthday to U-Watt

Last night U-WATT celebrated our birthday in style – we performed at The Brickmakers in Norwich. Admittedly there weren’t a great many people there to usher in the spring on the winter solstice; there were no ivy-festooned maidens, sadly, nor huggers of trees, but there was a small appreciative audience and several dogs. Thursday nights aren’t the best nights to perform; most people have to work the next day and as it was late-night shopping in the city I guess the lure of a few last minute Christmas bargains was too much for most to resist and hard choices had to be made.

The Fateful Meeting

Anyhow, three years ago last night Mal, Fizz, Alix and Phil met in Norwich and planned what we were going to learn to play as U-Watt.  As you might imagine, there was some lively and occasionally heated debate in the pub about what sort of material we would play. We came together after a number of line-up changes, when the remaining core of Mal and Phil auditioned lots of singers and bassists until we settled on Alix and Fizz. Alix blew us away with her fabulous voice and presence and Fizz walked in, plugged in and began to jam along with us to a song that we hadn’t even asked him to learn for the audition!
There have been good times and bad, but thanks to the friendships we have forged, the good times far outweigh the bad; we really enjoy playing and performing together and bringing our own style of music to our small but loyal following of fans. We’d like to wish you all a fantastic festive season and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. We hope to see you again in 2018. Luvnpeace U-WATT.

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Kazfest 2017 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity Fundraiser

Kazfest 2017 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity Fundraiser
Kazfest 2017 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity Fundraiser

U-Watt like to do their bit for charity, consequently we were honoured to have been part of Kazfest 2017 on 4th June at Broad Farm Holiday Park. Kazfest 2017 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity Fundraiser was an event to celebrate Kaz’s life and raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. A few days after we played at the marvellous event I got a flyer from EAAA through my door asking for contributions. I’d just effectively donated my time to raise money for EAAA, so I emailed them to let them know why I would not be donating any cash. Here’s the lovely response I got:

Hi Malcolm,

Thank you for your email. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for supporting Kazfest. What a success it turned out to be! I was there myself for part of the day, and the sense unity and coming together of such varied communities was palpable – everyone certainly did a wonderful job of celebrating Kaz and all that she was. I hope to have a final total from the event soon, but I do know that it has, so far, raised in excess of £2500, which is well on the way towards covering the cost of a mission.
Thank you so much for being a part of it.

With very best wishes and our heartfelt thanks once again,

Ginny Seppings

Norfolk Fundraising Officer

East Anglian Air Ambulance

Kazfest 2017 East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity Fundraiser

We like to support charity whenever we are able, consequently we were very happy to be involved in this event. Kaz was a friend of some of us, her dad runs a music venue in Great Yarmouth at which we’ve played and the East Anglian Air Ambulance is a life-saver. Thank you all those who organised the event, participated and came along to make it a memorable day.

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U-Watt Norwich four-piece play live rock music gigs near you

U-WATT Norwich live music rock band www.u-watt.co.uk

U-WATT – Norwich live music rock band

Alix sings, Fizz plays bass, Phil is on drums and Mal plays guitars. Phil and Fizz also sing backing vocals. Fizz sometimes takes lead vocals too. Come along to a gig, see our show and meet us. We are all experienced musicians and have been together as a band just over two years. We play mainly covers but also play our own material. If you click on our bass drum logo above you will hear one of our own songs on Bandcamp called “Dry Your Tears”.


We’ve just changed our web hosting and got a new website. Mal has had a steep learning curve setting it all up. We hope you like the new scheme. Mal is building it up slowly but surely, learning new things all the time. It’s very time consuming but it’s worth it. We hope you like it.


We’ve got lots of gigs coming up next month so come along and see us, it would be great to see you. We play in venues all over Norfolk and occasionally venture further afield. Although we are a Norwich live music rock band we play across East Anglia. Check out our gig listings. You will find us on StevieG Whatson and Norfolk Gig Guide.


We’re adding additional covers and original material all the time, so if you’ve seen us in the last couple of years, you’ll hear some new songs you haven’t heard from us before. We’ve recently added Emperor’s New Clothes to our repertoire which we tried out at The Mariners Tavern in Great Yarmouth at our last outing. It didn’t sound too bad, to us at least, and it seemed to go down well. We write songs together. One of us will come up with an idea; a melody, a riff or some lyrics. We then work on it together in the rehearsal studio. Our favourite place to rehearse and write is the wonderful Earth Studios Norwich.

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