U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire
Malcy’s new electro-acoustic for unplugged gigs an Ibanez Talman.

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire

U-WATT debut new unplugged repertoire. This will be atThe Mariners Tavern Great Yarmouth on 16.02.18. First of all U-WATT have been rehearsing hard to enable us to play completely acoustic gigs. Furthermore we will be playing our new unplugged sets at The Mariners 16.02.18. Nonetheless this does not mean we don’t play rock songs any more, it just means we play them a little more quietly.  As a result Malcy even went out and bought a new electro-acoustic guitar to play unplugged. This new guitar is the pictured Ibanez Talman.

Why have we gone acoustic?

It’s getting increasingly hard to find gigs because more and more venues are closing. Lots of pubs, bars and clubs want live music but not full on, loud, raucous rock n roll. Because U-Watt like to play it loud so we decided to diversify a little. As a result we still play many of the songs that our audiences love. The difference is that we play them acoustically, so no ear defenders required.

Increased repertoire

Not all rock songs lend themselves very easily to being acoustic. Consequently we have been learning new songs especially for unplugged gigs. In addition to building an increased repertoire we hope this will maintain the interest of our regular fans. Maybe, we hope, this might lead to more event type gigs, such as parties, weddings and other celebrations. If you’d like to book us for such an event contact us here.

The Mariners Tavern

In conclusion we hope to see lots of our followers at our gig this coming Friday. We have played a lot of loud music there before and the new management would rather we played acoustically. This is our first ever fully acoustic gig so please come along and support us.

Mal Content 13.02.18

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