Established four-piece Norwich rock band

U-Watt left to right are Mal, Fizz, Alix and Phil

We are an established four-piece Norwich rock band who first got together 21.12.2014. We are all passionate about and we participate in musical activity most of the time.


Alixandrea Corvyn is our talented lead singer, musician, songwriter and pro voice coach. She also fronts two other bands including Last July and has her own blog and recordings under the name Gothic Rock Goddess.

Andy Fizz Bye is our bass guitarist who sings backing vocals and takes lead on some songs. He also fronts Storm Great Yarmouth.

Malcolm Birtwell is our guitarist, experienced musician, musical arranger and songwriter. He teaches guitar privately. He is chair of Rock the Lobster open mic and one of the main collaborators of Media.Imperfect.

Phil Bury McMurdock is our drummer, experienced musician, songwriter and the power on the drum throne. Formerly he was the drummer of D.A.M.

Alixandrea Corvyn aka Gothic Rock Goddess


Andy Fizz Bye bassist and singer also fronts Storm






We all actively participate in all kinds of music. We all think music is an important part of our lives and it’s probably an important part of our listener’s lives too. Since we are all experienced musicians and three of us are probably older than the average age of a band musician, we like a lot of different and diverse music. We only play songs that we enjoy playing and songs that are a bit different. As a result we perform songs to our audience that other bands don’t play very often. Many of our followers like us for this reason, because we choose unusual material. Most of all, we almost always choose music that is not obscure, consequently we think you will find our music is often mainstream and very accessible.

Covers & Originals

We cover Muse, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Royal Blood, The Automatic, James Bay and Paloma Faith to name but a few. We also play our own original material. Sometimes Alix or Mal write a melody or lyrics which we then work on collaboratively as a group; Phil and Fizz providing ideas on changes that need to be made such as with dynamics,  lyrics, melodies or arrangement. Here is some more of our music on YouTube. Polonium Tea is a U-WATT original composition which is about being a smiling assassin. We recorded this song live at a charity gig.